What is the seven day haircut rule?

The seven day haircut rule refers to the idea that a haircut needs about a week to settle in and show its true look and shape. It suggests waiting for seven days before judging or making any further adjustments to the haircut.

Let Your Hairdo Brew: Embrace the Seven Day Haircut Rule for Unexpected Results

During the initial days after a haircut, the hair may appear slightly different from what was anticipated. This can be due to factors such as the removal of excess hair length, styling techniques used at the salon, or the natural behavior of your hair. The seven day haircut rule advises individuals to give their hair some time to settle and adjust before making any judgments or requesting further changes.

By waiting for a week, the hair has an opportunity to restyle itself naturally and for any potential minor imperfections to become less noticeable. This period allows for the natural movement of the hair to revive and the individual to become accustomed to their new style. Additionally, the hair may benefit from the use of different styling products or techniques, allowing for better control and desired outcomes.

The concept behind the seven day haircut rule is that our initial perception of a new haircut can sometimes be misleading. The change in appearance can take a few days to get used to, and by giving the hairstyle time to settle, one can have a more accurate understanding of how it truly looks and feels.

It is important to note that hair grows at an average rate of approximately half an inch per month. Therefore, if you decide to make adjustments or alterations to your haircut shortly after getting it done, it may impede the hair’s natural growth pattern and require more frequent salon visits.

Overall, the seven day haircut rule encourages individuals to have patience and reserve judgment until their hair has had sufficient time to adapt to the new style. By doing so, one can have a better understanding of their haircut and make more informed decisions regarding any necessary adjustments or changes.

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