What not to do before a hair appointment?

To ensure a successful hair appointment, it is advisable to avoid experimenting with new hair products, excessive heat styling, or drastic hair coloring changes right before the appointment. It’s best to arrive with clean, dry hair so that the stylist can accurately assess its condition and style accordingly.

Hair Appointments 101: Don’t Let These Hair Mishaps Ruin Your Style Journey!

To ensure a successful hair appointment, here are a few things you should avoid doing before your appointment:

1. Experimenting with new hair products: It’s crucial to stick with the hair products you are familiar with and know work well with your hair type and style. Trying new hair products right before your appointment can lead to unexpected results or even an allergic reaction. Stick to what you know works best for you to avoid any potential issues during your appointment.

2. Excessive heat styling: Using excessive heat styling tools such as curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers can damage your hair. It’s best to avoid excessive heat styling before your appointment to give your hair a break and allow it to recover. This way, your stylist can better assess the condition of your hair and provide the appropriate treatment or style without any added damage.

3. Drastic hair coloring changes: If you’re considering a drastic hair color change, it’s generally not recommended to do so right before a hair appointment. This is because achieving certain hair colors may require multiple sessions or a specific process. Additionally, a last-minute color change can make it challenging for your stylist to achieve the desired outcome or may require more time than originally scheduled.

4. Arriving with clean, dry hair: It’s important to arrive at your hair appointment with clean, dry hair. This allows your stylist to accurately assess the natural texture, condition, and health of your hair before deciding on the most appropriate treatment or style. If your hair is dirty or oily, the stylist may need to spend extra time washing it, cutting into your appointment time.

Overall, by avoiding experimenting with new hair products, excessive heat styling, drastic hair coloring changes, and ensuring you have clean, dry hair upon arrival, you can help ensure a successful hair appointment. By following these tips, you can communicate your hair goals effectively to your stylist and receive the best outcome possible.

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